Toujours Belle XIII

"Taeyeon, Taeyeon!" Tiffany gasped for air as she leaned against the wall. Taeyeon stared at her with an amused smile. "I heard... your shop..." Tiffany wheezed, her hands flailing wildly. "Breathe, Tiffany." "You got your shop back?" "Yeah," Taeyeon said with a smile, "I did." "Oh my god," Tiffany exclaimed in relief and threw her … Continue reading Toujours Belle XIII


Toujours Belle XII

Taeyeon stared into space, lighting the last cigarette in the box. She stretched her hand in front of her, widening her fingers and letting the sunrays seep through them. Will there ever be hope through cracks like this, she wondered, or is she abandoned even by God himself? She chuckled and shook her head at her … Continue reading Toujours Belle XII

Toujours Belle XI

Juhyun shifted her weight, her legs cramped being in the same position for nearly an hour. She winced at the wetness seeping through her pajamas, but kept her hands rubbing soothing circles on Tiffany's back. Through hiccups and wailed sentences, Juhyun knew it was about Taeyeon. Juhyun's own fatigue after a hectic day at work … Continue reading Toujours Belle XI