“I’ll let you know when I’m ready,” Tiffany whispers against ceased brows, rubbing gentle circles to smooth skin. Taeyeon mumbles an agreement, fingers clenching bare skin and wishing that Tiffany will be ready tomorrow. Tiffany sighs in relief that Taeyeon never probes and ask too many questions- the ache on her body fades with every … Continue reading Tomorrow


Time Lapse

Ginger is sitting on the pouch, waiting again. Taeyeon heaved a sigh as she took another sip of coffee and pulled the sweater tighter around her body.  “Ginger,” His tail gave a lazy flick and Taeyeon clicked her tongue to get his attention. Ginger lifted his nose high in the air and sniffed. Once, twice, … Continue reading Time Lapse

Toujours Belle XIV

Taeyeon thought it was the best morning of her life. Waking up with Tiffany in her arms, Taeyeon inhaled and pulled the brunette closer. "Morning," Taeyeon whispered and Tiffany wrapped her arms tighter around the slender waist. "Do you want breakfast?" "Yes please," Tiffany mumbled against her neck and snuggled closer. "What about pancakes?" "Pancakes?" … Continue reading Toujours Belle XIV