All Night

Tiffany avoided Taeyeon throughout the party. She tried to remain unaffected as Yoona strutted past her while she pretended to fix her hair. Pulling at her freshly styled locks, Taeyeon contemplated if she had pushed the wrong buttons. Why was Tiffany acting this way?

Taeyeon sighed and headed back into the room when she was finally satisfied with herself. Tiffany was the couch with an empty spot beside her and Taeyeon grinned. Knowing that Tiffany had deliberately (or unintentionally, it didn’t mattered to her) saved her a spot while the other girls are happily chatting in their own spots, Taeyeon plopped down beside the stoic looking Tiffany. She threw a side glance at her and looked away but Taeyeon was determined. Her daring outfit that exposed her toned midriff was an attempt to impress her crush. 

There, she finally admitted it. She had a crush on Tiffany Hwang. 

Shifting a little, Taeyeon knew she made a terrible mistake when her nose bumped into Tiffany’s shoulder. Floral, sweet and warm, her heart began to thump nervously against her chest. Pretending to be aloof, Taeyeon stayed in that odd position and cooly listened to Yoona’s speech when Tiffany threw her an inquisitive glare.

Taeyeon basked in the warmth of her friends and Tiffany- the conversations that reminisce their school days, the embarrassing stories of their unknowing friends who were dancing in the main hall and Tiffany’s husky laughter. Tiffany finally looked at her for the first time that night but their moment did not last.

She stole a momentary affectionate glance at Tiffany just as she turned away to stifled another laugh. Good god, Taeyeon thought. What good had she done in her previous life to deserve such an angel in her life? Tiffany picked up her vibrating phone, the smile of her face was wiped off as she heaved a sigh.

“Taeyeon,” she whispered and Taeyeon froze in her seat. “See you outside in five.”

Tiffany stood up from her seat and left Taeyeon- dazed and confused as she readjusted her position on the couch. She did not see the mischievous grin on Yoona’s face as she pulled her chair closer to Taeyeon.


“What?” Taeyeon snapped.

“When are you gonna tell her?”

“W-what? Who?” Taeyeon stuttered nervously and gulped, avoiding the inquisitive glinting eyes of Yoona.

“Stop pretending, unnie. Tiffany unnie is no longer here.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“You like her. Are you gonna tell me you don’t?”

“I-” Taeyeon bit her tongue and looked away. “Mind your business Yoong.”

Yoona rapped her knuckles on Taeyeon’s head.

“To think we dragged her to this party to help you get Tiffany unnie. Drink up, unnie.” She said, forcing a shot of gin into Taeyeon’s hand. “And man up.”

Taeyeon gulped and downed the glass of alcohol. Her faced scrunched up in disgust as it sets a blazing trail down her throat. Yoona pulled her up from the couch and ushered her towards the door.

“Fighting unnie!”

Taeyeon cleared her throat and pulled the door open, keeping her face straight as she walked towards Tiffany who was leaning against the wall occupied with her phone.

“I said five minutes, Tae,” She smiled but her tone was firm.

“Sorry, Yoona held me up.” Taeyeon replied nervously.

“You took fifteen.”


They stood in silence and Taeyeon shuffled her feet.

“So…?” Taeyeon asked and Tiffany finally put away her phone to look at her.

“I should be asking you that.”


“I’m not gonna make the first move, Taeyeon,” Tiffany defiantly folded her arms and towered over Taeyeon. The brunette gulped, face flushed and insides queasy from the alcohol.

“I like you.” She honestly stated, sparing a glance at Tiffany before lowering it to the floor.

“Thank god, finally,” Tiffany had a playful smile on her face, “I thought I was reading it wrong this whole time.”


“I like you too, stupid,” Tiffany took her hands and Taeyeon thought her alcohol-induced mind were causing her to hallucinate.

“You like me?”

“Yes, if you haven’t realized. And really, cover up will you? Those-” Tiffany pointed to her exposed midriff, “-are for my eyes only. But for tonight, I guess it’s okay.”

Taeyeon grinned when Tiffany slipped her fingers between hers.

“Dance?” She asked with a goofy grin that caused Tiffany to chuckle.

“Why not?” Tiffany pulled the delirious brunette towards the main hall. Tiffany winked at her.

“Make sure you keep up with me all night.”


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