Toujours Belle; Epilogue

“Fany?” Taeyeon cautiously balanced the plate of pancakes in her hand. “Fany, don’t be angry anymore.”

Tiffany huffed in annoyance and Taeyeon chuckled at the pout on her face.

“I made you pancakes,” Taeyeon coaxed and there was a flicker in Tiffany’s demeanor. She wouldn’t give in so easily- angrily seated on the bed crossed legged, furrowed brows and arms akimbo.

“Come on, it will get cold,” Taeyeon grinned when Tiffany averted her gaze to the plate of pancakes in her hand and licked her lips.

“Alright,” Tiffany pretended to glare at the blonde, grabbing the plate from Taeyeon’s hands and out into the kitchen. Taeyeon followed after, shaking her head in amusement. She watched Tiffany devour them with gusto and a small smile stretched on her face.

“Don’t be happy just yet,” Tiffany mumbled through a mouthful, “I’m still angry with you.”

“Oh baby, come on,” Taeyeon playfully said in English and saw Tiffany crack a small smile.

“You said you won’t give her a tattoo anymore.”

“I’m not giving her a tattoo, Fany. I’m fixing her tattoo.”

“It’s the same,” Tiffany glared, her utensils clashing against the plate as she cut her pancakes with fury. “You don’t know how she looked at you.”

“I know but…”

“She is pretty,” Tiffany continued, each word seeping with jealousy, “she is tall, she is a model, she is rich, she is-”

“-She is not you,” Taeyeon commented with a straight face and Tiffany went silent.

“Sweet talker,” Tiffany mumbled with a small blush. Taeyeon observed how Tiffany relaxed and finished her breakfast, the smile never left her face as she stole glances at Taeyeon.

Just like Taeyeon had predicted, Tiffany had decided to leave everything in Seoul to join her in New York.

“It’s my home too,” Tiffany smiled, “My family is here and you are here. I’m not going to lose you again.”

Taeyeon could not argue with that and gratefully accepted this blessing back into her life. Tiffany was consistently insecure for a few months. Haunted and afraid that this was all a dream, Taeyeon often found herself in Tiffany’s room at night hugging the crying brunette. Taeyeon was overwhelmed with guilt and heartache, promising to never put her through this agony again.

Tiffany was graced a post in W Fashion Magazine- her past works in Seoul was highly recognized and she was praised for her eye for details.

A year passed with both parties adapting to their new lives, Taeyeon and Tiffany moved in to Taeyeon’s apartment above the tattoo shop. Significantly spacious for two, they adopted a little black poodle named Ginger.

“What time do we have to fetch Ginger?”

“Tomorrow.” Taeyeon smiled at her innocent looking girlfriend with maple syrup coated lips. “Hannah said Juhyun wants to FaceTime Ginger.”

Taeyeon chuckled at the bewildered expression on Tiffany’s face. Even in New York, Taeyeon is constantly blessed by secret guardians. Hannah, Juhyun’s American friend, was a pet groomer that Taeyeon adopted Ginger from.

“She want to FaceTime Ginger and not her bestfriend?” Tiffany shook her head, “Damn, Ginger is a lady’s man.”

“He is.” Taeyeon said, affectionately reaching over to wipe Tiffany’s lips. “And don’t worry, later you can sit in and watch me.”

Tiffany’s scowled at Taeyeon. “I will. I’ll make the bitch realize that you are mine.”

“I am?”

“Of course! You are mine, Kim Taey-” Tiffany saw the teasing grin on Taeyeon’s face. She flushed a deep red and Taeyeon burst into laughter.

“You’re such a tease. I hate you.”

“You know you don’t, Miyoung.”

“Shut up.”

“Hwang Miyoung.”

“Anymore and I’m telling dad,” Tiffany threatened and Taeyeon paled. 

Tiffany’s family knew about their relationship. Extremely supportive of the couple, Tiffany’s father was so fond of Taeyeon that he hogged her for the whole day whenever they travel to California to visit them. Taeyeon was scarred by the affection and Tiffany used it to her advantage.

“You’re mean.” Tiffany laughed at the defeated expression on Taeyeon’s face.

“Oh baby,” she cooed at Taeyeon, leaning over to plant a kiss on the pout.

“You taste like maple syrup,” Taeyeon whispered, breaking the kiss. Tiffany sealed their lips again before leaning her forehead against Taeyeon’s.

“Hey Fany.”

“Have I mentioned that I love it when you call me Fany?”

“No but I’ll remember from now on.” Taeyeon said with a small smile.

“Hey Fany?”


“I love you.” Taeyeon breathed.

“Me too,” Tiffany grinned. “Right now, in the future, forever.”


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