Day 11: Breath of Heaven

Tiffany inhaled the warmth of Taeyeon. She watched her chest rose steadily with each breath. She kept her gaze on the serene face as Taeyeon sleeps.

Tiffany inched over and lightly kissed Taeyeon’s nose, watching her twitched slightly. Her sleep was undisturbed and Tiffany watched her chest rose with another inhale.

Tiffany felt a fierceness burning inside her watching Taeyeon sleep. It’s funny somehow, Tiffany could feel that way for a person. Somehow, it didn’t feel real.

Tiffany wasn’t sure when was the last time she had the luxury to think such thoughts, or had such a quality time with Taeyeon. Christmas was always a blessing for Tiffany.

She searched for Taeyeon’s hand under the sheets. She pulled it out gently, watching Taeyeon murmured softly. She waited. Then lifted Taeyeon’s hand. She kissed her palm, then knuckles. Once, and twice. Gently.

The fire intensified and Tiffany wanted to hold on to it. Her lips lingered on Taeyeon’s palm. It still smells like the cookie that Taeyeon was making earlier.

Tiffany loves Taeyeon.

Tiffany loves how good Taeyeon looks in her pink sweatshirt with an apron over it, she loves the way her hair is held up loosely in a bun, she loves the way she sips her coffee. She loves how her brows furrowed in concentration, she loves the way she smiles- with teeth and all. It was superficial but Tiffany loves all of it.

Tiffany loves how thoughtful and kind Taeyeon was. The way Taeyeon baked two different batch of cookies because Yoona was allergic to cinnamon; the way she remembered to use more icing on Sooyoung’s cookies because she likes them sweet. The way Taeyeon baked her a special batch of butter cookies because Tiffany liked them more than gingerbread cookies.

Tiffany played with Taeyeon’s fingers and kissed each tip. She didn’t mind the smell of cinnamon, the icing stains on the sleeves of her sweatshirt, the flour-streaked apron still on the brunette lying on her bed.


Taeyeon croaked softly and their fingers interlaced naturally. Tiffany breathed in Taeyeon’s warmth.

“I’m here.”

And she crawled closer- cuddled Taeyeon, who has the breath of heaven.


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