Day 8: Santa Baby

Taeyeon would have thought that she was crazy.

She never believed in Santa Claus when her friend in kindergarten happily exclaimed that Santa gave her a doll. She never believed in Santa Claus when her mother strongly insisted that she did not place that new Bang & Olufsen headset at the foot of her bed. She never believed in Santa Claus- even tonight, on Christmas Eve; when her windows rattled and Taeyeon was roused awake, clenching on tightly to the broomstick.

Taeyeon would have thought she was crazy when she stared; speechless, at this feminine figure leisurely entering her home through the open window. The stranger was really a sight to behold, dressed in a red tight-fitting top, shorts that ended mid thighs, and a black thick belt that hugs her waist snugly.

Taeyeon would have thought she was crazy when the first thing she exclaimed was-


“Oh, you are awake?”

“Are you Santa?”

“Um. Ho Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!”

“You’re a girl?”

“What- Oh crap!”

The girl let out a curse, dropped her huge red sack on Taeyeon’s carpeted floor with a thud and started searching her pockets.

“Daddy is going to kill me.”


“I forgot my pill so that I would look like Santa -oh god, please.”


“Please don’t tell anyone that Santa is a girl.”


Taeyeon would have thought she was crazy because here she was, at 12.45am- seated on her couch with a cup of hot chocolate and chatting with this stranger in her house whom she thought was really hot.

Tiffany H., Claus of the North; was her name. She was reliving Daddy’s duties because he had too much turkey during Christmas Eve’s dinner. Tiffany explained that there were others families in different regions that works for ‘Claus‘ to deliver presents on Christmas Day. The families working for ‘Claus‘ were recruited with upmost secrecy and passed on from lineages to lineages.

To live up to the image that mankind had portrayed Santa, they have to ingest a pill that made them appear as a portly, joyous man with thick white beard till daybreak. There will be no side effects from the pill but Tiffany had forgotten about it due to her excitement. (She had not made deliveries for nearly 5 years because protective parents are scary.)

“So, what’s my present this year?”

“Let’s check. South Korea, Street 309… Ah, Kim Taeyeon?”

“That’s me.”

“From my list here…”

Tiffany reached into her sack and pulled out a small box, delicately wrapped in silken red wrapper.

“May I?”

Tiffany nodded and watched Taeyeon excitedly pulled apart the wrapper. She gasped.

“I… this….”

“Do you keep a list of things you want?”

“Yes, I’ve a bucket list of things I want but… this is too much.”

“You must have been a good girl this year for Daddy to give you a ring.”

Tiffany giggled.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Taeyeon. You deserved it. Oh, I got to go! You know, deliveries. Thank you for the hot chocolate!”

Tiffany hastily lugged the sack over her shoulder. Taeyeon grabbed her wrist.

“Wait! Can I… Will I see you again?”

Tiffany grinned.

“That is definitely not part of your bucket list but, I can persuade Daddy if I see that on your list next Christmas.”

Taeyeon would have thought she was crazy when she waved goodbye to Tiffany and reminded her to be careful. She started a new note in her phone after she watch the brunette vanished in the night sky with her sled. (Flying reindeers are real!)

Taeyeon would have thought she was crazy, but she knew that she would be on her best behavior for the coming year so that Claus would grant that top priority on her bucket list: Meet Tiffany H., Claus Of The North on the night of Christmas.

Taeyeon would have thought she was crazy because at aged 22, she finally believed that Santa Claus is real.


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