Day 7: First Snow

“Get back in here now, young lady!”

The young brunette laughed and slipped pass her mother. She stopped suddenly and tilted her head back to catch the falling flakes.

“Let her be. Ah, first snow of the year.”

“Honey, you’re supposed to be on my side. Get her in before she falls sick!”

“What can a little snow do? Oh look, is that Hwang’s little girl?”

“Hwang Miyoung. I think that’s her name. Hello, Miyou-”

“-Taeyeon ah!”

That evening’s winter peace was broken with loud wails, a pair of laughing parents and two young girls with bruised foreheads.


“Come on. Shake hands and apologize.”

Taeyeon sulked and Miyoung started bawling again.

“Taeyeon, when you do something wrong, you must say sorry. You broke her doll, so what should you do?”

“Sorry, Miyoung.”

“That’s my baby. Now give her a hug. Go on.”

Taeyeon sulked and reluctantly wrapped her arms around the sniffing girl.

“Alright now- girls, it’s snowing! Let’s get you suit up so we can go out!”

The two girls looked at each other, cheered loudly and followed Taeyeon’s mother eagerly. Taeyeon carefully held Miyoung hand to express her remorse.



“Shhh Taeyeon!”

“What are you looking at?”

“Hush Taeyeon!”

“Miyoung, it’s cold.”

“Crouch down, down!”

Miyoung tugged at Taeyeon’s coat. The latter groaned silently and caved in. The two girls huddled close, peeped through the fence and giggled when they saw Mr Thompson break into a dance in his backyard.

“He is doing that dance again.”

“Supersonic Dance.”

“That’s a bad name, Tae. What about Super-speed Dance?”

“Ew. Super Stupid?”

“Sounds about right.”

Taeyeon and Miyoung snickered.

“Oh look, it’s snowing!”

“Wow, it’s getting really cold. Let’s go back before omma comes after me.”

“Mm, let’s go.”

Taeyeon let Miyoung hold her hand as they scurry through the bushes and into Taeyeon’s home. The smell of warm cosy cinnamon greeted them.


“Mi- Tiffany, I’m hungry.”

“You are forgiven since you remembered to call me Tiffany.”

“Miyoung wasn’t such a bad name.”

“So says you.”

Taeyeon stuck her tongue out at her best friend.

“What do you want to have today?”

“Let’s go have ddeokbokki?”

“Sounds good- oh no.”


“Look outside.”

Tiffany stood up and pressed her face against the window.

“Looks like it’s me, you and our yearly first snow. Hey, Taeyeon?”

Taeyeon mirrored the grin on her face.

“I’m guessing we can put the lunch plan on hold now?”


Tiffany laughed at Taeyeon who was impatiently putting on her winter coat. She held her hand out for Tiffany who giggled.

“Let’s go catch some snowflakes!”




“Are you feeling alright?”

“He was a jerk. No big deal.”

Taeyeon sighed and flopped down beside the lump on the bed, buried under the pink sheets.

“You’re such a liar. Come on, I want to show you something.”

Taeyeon repeatedly poked the wriggling lump, eliciting groans of protest. A Tiffany  with tear-stained cheeks emerged seconds later with a loud whine.

“You’re such a meanie.”

Taeyeon shrugged, pulled the curtains open and laughed.

“Guess what.”

Tiffany looked out and shook her head, grinning despite herself.

“First snow with you again. It’s a curse that I’ll always be single.”

Taeyeon laughed and launched herself at Tiffany, giving her best friend a warm hug.

“At least, I’m here.”

Tiffany wordlessly held Taeyeon’s hands and watch the snow fall.


“Hey Tae.”

“Oh Fany, you’re early today. Where is he?”

“Should be here any minute. Oppa?”

“He went to get some drinks for us. Gingerbread latte, low fat milk, 20% sugar and extra whipped cream?”

Tiffany grinned.

“You know me best.”

“Of course. Oh, here he comes.”

Taeyeon gratefully took the tray from the man who beamed at her and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Oh seriously, after all this years, you guys are still as gross.”

“Speak for yourself, Hwang Miyoung.”

“Watch it, Kim Taeyeon.”

Taeyeon laughed, sipping on her drink as her best friend and husband immediately launched a discussion about their mutual interest; the latest rave in the fashion industry.

A few minutes later, a charming man apologized as he took his seat besides Tiffany. Taeyeon pretended to gag when Tiffany leaned over to give him a kiss. Tiffany wagged her finger playfully and the table erupted with laughter.

“Little Steph is with mom?”

“Yeah, she volunteered knowing it’s our Double-Date-Friday.”

“Damn, I wish omma would stop asking me for allowance when I need her help with my two rascals.”

“Need my help? You know omma never refuses my charm.”

Taeyeon gasped for dramatic effect.

“I always knew that she loves you more than me.”

“I’m more lovable than you, boo.”

Taeyeon stuck her tongue out at Tiffany who return her gesture equally.

The two man shook their head at their interaction.

“Here we are, married to two ladies, mother to our kids and hitting the big 3. Yet they act like they are 10.”

“I’ll never understand their inside jokes.”

“I don’t want to.”

Taeyeon’s husband pretends to shudder and received a slap on his arm.

“Wait, is that… Wow, it’s snowing.”

Taeyeon stole a glance at Tiffany and they burst out laughing. The two men shrugged, sipped their coffee and launched their own men talk.

“Well Taetae, first snow of the year again.”

“I’m thankful for that since we were babies.”

“You’re annoying, short, stubborn-”

Taeyeon glared at Tiffany. The latter flashed her own charming smile and took Taeyeon’s hands in hers.

“-But first snow with my best friend is probably the best thing in my life.”


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