Day 1: Dear Santa

It’s nearly Christmas and what is Christmas without some frothy eggnog, flavorful ginger snaps and fluffy fan-fictions?

As a hopeless enthusiast of Christmas, I’ll be writing freeform for 12 days; inspired by the classic jingle- “Twelve Days of Christmas”. So here goes and check the tag/category if you’ve missed any along the way. Blessed Christmas!


“What are you doing?”

Taeyeon’s bag dropped with a thud on the wooden floor and she leisurely strolled over to the desk. She peeked over her best friend’s shoulder and frowned when Stephanie covered most of it with her hand, shooing her away with a wave of her pink pen.

“Steph, what are you writing?”

“Go away, Tae.”

“Oh come on.”

She nimbly reached over and pulled the paper away despite the loud protest. She grinned and quickly read the paper before bursting into chortles.

“Seriously, Steph? ‘Dear Santa‘? How old are you again?”

Taeyeon guffawed and fell on the bed, clenching her stomach as she roared with laughter. Stephanie sulked, crumbled the paper in Taeyeon’s grip and threw it into the bin. She sat down on the chair again and scribbled on a new sheet of paper.


Taeyeon apologized when she had calmed down and noticed the darkening aura around her best friend- huddled over, her pen scraping noisily against the paper. Taeyeon propped her chin against her shoulder and sighed when Stephanie stopped shrugging her away after a few tries.

“What are you writing?”

“To Santa.”

Stephanie muttered, refusing to look at her and there was a tinge of guilt. She caught a glimpse of the paragraph that Stephanie wrote and felt her heart clenched.

Dear Santa, have you seen my mother? I wish that mommy would visit me in my dreams soon and wish me a Merry Christmas. And maybe, change Daddy’s mind so that he would allow me to add “Tiffany” as my name along with Stephanie, Hwang and Miyoung. (which I absolutely detest)


Taeyeon wrapped her arms around her best friend’s shoulders when she felt her quake in her seat.

“Tiffany is a beautiful name, by the way.”

“I know. Mommy loved it. But somehow, she gave in to Daddy and his ‘Oh, Stephanie sounds more exquisite!‘ demands.”

Taeyeon hummed in response.

“Do you think it will come true? Am I too childish to still believe in Santa?”

Taeyeon shook her head.

“I’m sure he’s real.”

“I’m 18, Taeyeon. You just laughed at me a few minutes ago for writing to him.”

“I’m sorry.”

“This is really stupid, right?”

Stephanie sighed and tore the sheet of paper off the pad. She was about to scrunch it up when Taeyeon stopped her.

“Wait. I can add on to this right?”

She pulled the chair out and plopped down  unceremoniously on Stephanie’s lap. Her best friend responded with a ‘oomph’ and slapped her lightly on the back.

Dear Santa…

Taeyeon read out loud as she scribbled on the empty space below.

Please allow Steph’s mother to visit her tomorrow night. I will trade the new gadget that I had written on my wishlist for that. Also, thank you for giving me Stephanie as my best friend. She is the best present you have given me since I was 10.

Taeyeon squeaked when Stephanie pinched her side.

“So what am I? An object now?”

Taeyeon grinned and shrugged, folding the paper and slotted it into the stocking hanging beside Stephanie’s desk.

“So now, Tiffany Stephanie Hwang Miyoung, can we go get some food before your best friend, Kim Taeyeon starve to death?”

The smile on Stephanie’s face was the best present that Taeyeon had received as she was wrapped tightly in a warm hug.

“Thank you, Taetae. I love you.”

“I love you too. Now let’s go get that pepperoni pizza, Tiffany.”


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